Pool Resort Villa

The natural sense of leisure and comfortable atmosphere are the beauty that you and I long for in urban life. Let life embrace nature is the primary task that S.Design  Studio encountered in this project.

We try to break with the traditional method of integrating leisure elements into the home space, look back to the essence of space, follow the lines of movement, and from the habits of life itself, and think about how to make nature appear in a more intimate, breath-like form. In this 595 square-meters space, the outdoor swimming pool space is the main core of the overall design. We have retained a large area of ​​swimming pool and lounge terraces, so that people in it can learn from nature more intimately. The interior space is mainly based on the light and luxurious style, with large glass floor-to-ceiling windows, connecting the interior and the exterior to share a bright and good view, allowing the body and mind to fully stretch.

Single-Family House
594.9 Square Meters
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