Our Services
S.Design Studio provides not only design,
but also an overall detailed solution.
Full Interior Architecture solutions
Space planning and furniture layouts
Conceptual Perspectives
3D rendering
Full Interior Detailed drawings
Materials Selection & sourcing
Furniture Selection & sourcing
Services Process
A. The Section of Design
Process 1    Business Negotiation
  • ‧ Understand the details of the case and clients needs: style positioning, special needs, living habits, budget.
  • ‧ Instruction of design process.
  • ‧ Instruction of design fee, building fee and payment method.
Process 2    On-site Measurement And Preliminary Plane Configuration
  • ‧ Arrange for on-site measurement and take photos, make surveys.
  • ‧ Design and plan preliminary layout according to requirements.
Process 3    Adjustment And Finalization Of The Layout Plan
  • ‧ Provide the design outline of the preliminary plane configuration.
  • ‧ Discuss, adjust and confirm the preliminary plane configuration.
  • ‧ Before signing the design contract, S.Design Studio doesn’t provide any design drawings and descriptions for the clients to keep, please be aware.
Process 4    Design Contract
  • ‧ Sign the design contract and charge design fee.
  • ‧ Discussion, adjustment and finalization of design details.
  • ‧ Complete plan and elevation drawing.
  • ‧ Suggestions on building materials and colors.
  • ‧ Preliminary estimate of building budget.
  • ‧ Building budget confirmation and building schedule discussion.
Process 5    Detailed Design And Budget Control
  • ‧ Draw the construction drawings of building, propose various material matching and confirm building methods.
  • ‧ Prepare building budget based on the finalized design details.
B.The Section of Building
Process 6    Building Contract
  • ‧ Sign the building contract.
  • ‧ Confirm the progress of the building time and period.
  • ‧ Instruction for payment method.
Process 7    Building Construction
  • ‧ Confirm the details of construction drawings.
  • ‧ Building began.
  • ‧ Building progress control and coordination.
Process 8    Furniture, Furnishings And Soft Decoration Finalized
  • ‧ The selection and procurement of furniture, lighting, furnishings and curtains are finalized.
Process 9    Acceptance Assessment
  • ‧ Clients acceptance and delivery.
  • ‧ Calculate the final cost of the building section.
Process 10    After Service
  • ‧ Perfect after-sales service and building warranty.
  • ‧ Calculate the final cost of the building section.