Rhythm of Ocean

Creating a sense of luxury and elegance in a modern style through marble craftsmanship.

This project centers around marble to shape the beautiful and elegant style of the space. The overall design is sleek and minimal, with the lines, tones, and materials maintaining a balance between sophistication and simplicity, creating a harmonious interplay between the main and guest areas.


Upon entering from the foyer, one is greeted by the visually striking marble-adorned entrance. Turning around, the kitchen and dining area come into view. Moving forward leads to the expansive living room and guest area. From the foyer, kitchen, dining area, to the living room and guest area, the design language of marble is seamlessly woven throughout the entire space design.


The open-plan linear kitchen, coupled with an extended functional island design, presents a perfect solution that combines spatial arrangement with utility. Adjacent to the island is a dining table, thoughtfully situated to optimize the flow between cooking and dining areas. Whether for preparing an elaborate meal or a quick snack, one can relish the joy of both cooking and dining. Complemented by marble countertops and wall designs, the culinary space exudes grandeur and seamlessly extends to the living room area.


Stepping into the living room, the grandeur of the television wall creates a captivating visual impact. The use of light-colored stone-patterned walls and minimalist light-colored furniture balances the rich dark tones in the space, adding a touch of warmth to the luxurious living room. Adjacent to the living room is a well-defined guest area, sharing elements and tones derived from the kitchen and dining space. Similarly utilizing dark marble countertops, wall surfaces, and minimalist furniture, the guest area exudes a formal yet cozy ambiance.


In contrast to the unobstructed visual flow in the public areas, privacy takes precedence in the master and secondary bedrooms. Utilizing light tones as the main theme, with partitioning achieved through frosted glass mirrors and decisions on the use of light-colored marble walls, the master and secondary bedrooms maintain a sense of hierarchy and distinction.


Lastly, we arrive at the bright study space. Capitalizing on ample natural light from expansive windows, the study space emphasizes simplicity in design, with leather and dark-toned furniture and shelving portraying an atmosphere of pure simplicity and tranquil quality.


Modern Luxury
186.884 square meter (excluding bathroom and balcony)
High-Pressure Laminate / Baked paint / Art paint / Iron components / Frosted glass / Tiles / Marble / Highly durable wood flooring
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