The King's Castle

" Bringing back the essence of French luxury design through the integration of space, colors, and techniques. " 


Creating a seamless integration of design into everyday life, crafting a perfect blend of fashion and classical aesthetics, and realizing a romantic ideal living environment. This project revolves around the core of French light luxury style, incorporating soft shades of beige and cream as the primary colors. The design establishes a concise and clean overall tone, while embellishing it with elements of romance.


As you push open the door, you will be greeted by large areas of stone on both sides, complemented by the elegant and refined gold-inlaid design of the flooring. A grand crystal chandelier hangs overhead, accentuating the sense of lines and sophistication in the foyer area.


As you enter the interior, you will find a spacious and comfortable open living area, consisting of the main sections: the living room, dining area, and entertainment room. The design utilizes balanced axis lines to create fluidity and a sense of lightness between these areas, promoting a seamless flow throughout the space.


The living room is primarily adorned in a clean and composed shade of gray-blue, exuding a subtle and tranquil ambiance. It integrates harmonious color tones from the dining area and the leisure zone, offering a visually inclusive environment. The backdrop of the living room's sofa area is set apart, forming a serene space with a long dining table and a transparent glass wall. The presence of a dark glass partition, which allows visual extension, showcases a wine cabinet filled with an abundant collection, adding a natural and grand touch to the overall design. On the corresponding side, there is an open and luminous dining and kitchen area. Creamy white hues and French decorative cabinets infuse the space with softness and a romantic atmosphere, making it a place where one would desire to spend delightful moments throughout the day.


Stepping into the master bedroom, you will find a predominant palette of creamy white and gray tones. The decorative headboard is adorned with intricate metal lighting fixtures, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that blends elegance and softness. On the other side of the master bedroom, a partition made of vertical glass strips separates the space and incorporates a dressing area created with a combination of a sofa and storage. This enhances the functional utilization of the space while ensuring a cozy and practical environment for residents.


Unlike the partition design in the master bedroom, the layout of the guest bedroom seamlessly integrates sleeping and daily living spaces, creating a cozy and charming aesthetic. This design aims to incorporate the essence of an ultimate lifestyle into the everyday details, bringing a sense of warmth and sophistication to the room.

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