Kaohsiung Renwen Shoufu

" Creating an exquisite and harmonious haven with a touch of luxury and grandeur. "


The French style evolves with time, preserving its aesthetic essence and forms that transcend into the contemporary realm. It merges elegant French lines, details, and metallic and stonework elements, exuding a "luxurious light" classic romantic flair. The overall space is primarily composed of a creamy white palette, accentuated with touches of dark charcoal tones, presenting a refined and noble atmosphere while maintaining a bright and expansive ambiance.


As one enters the public space, their eyes are immediately drawn to the centerpiece, a dual-facing sofa that connects the living areas and becomes a focal point for lively family gatherings, fostering intimate companionship. Each individual in the public space can find their own favorite corner to appreciate and enjoy.


Passing through the glass partitions, one arrives at the dining area, where a grand and stable marble dining table awaits. The walls feature delicate linear patterns, while organic shapes and layered decorations create a warm and gentle ambiance, as if stepping into a comfortable and elegant foreign realm.


Continuing into the private spaces, the master bedroom follows the French style of light luxury, characterized by a monochromatic palette of beige and complemented by simple yet refined linear details, embodying the delicate elegance of modern French aesthetics. From the flooring to the headboard and interior soft furnishings, everything is carefully coordinated in similar tones. Stepping into the secondary bedroom, attention is quickly captured by decorative metal grids and an eye-catching cloud-shaped accent upon looking up. The use of metal and French lines creates a distinctive and personalized atmosphere, reflecting the versatile and fusion characteristics of contemporary French style.

French Style with Affordable Luxury
225.104 square meter
Luxurious stone / Ceramic tiles / Titanium Plated / French Moulding / Straight-Line Glass
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