In limited space,
we design infinitely to achieve ideal circumstance.
S.Design Studio, the leader in creating interior style.
S.Design Studio is a developing interior design company, who is leading the trend of innovation with a unique vision. We embody your dreams with a unique style and create a comfortable environment for your life and career
Since 2017, S.Design Studio has cooperated with many clients to create opportunities and honors. Among these clients, there are creative industries, service industries, catering industries, and families with various members. We are committed to giving clients more arrangement of quality in their lives or business spaces through the power of design. On the way forward, we still continue to work hard, and look forward more like-minded clients, working with us towards a more diverse and creative future.
The aesthetic expression of space.
Inspired from life, and executed in design details.
The experience of exquisite space starts with the works of S.Design Studio.
Taichung Factory Office
Every type of cooperation,
is a customized and integrated service.
Different design requirements have the same service quality.
Full Interior Architecture solutions
Space planning and furniture layouts
Conceptual Perspectives
3D rendering
Full Interior Detailed drawings
Materials Selection & sourcing
Furniture Selection & sourcing
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Space is not static, it has the opportunity to have unlimited possibilities. Different environmental spaces may have unexpected changes through design. The interior designer's work requires precision, meticulousness, and focusing on pursuing and mastering the overall fluency. In addition, the designer must also find a complete presentation of the balance between craftsmanship, material budget, and aesthetic design in the vocabulary of rationality and sensibility. It’s now, welcome to chat with us!
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