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The vision of wealth in collaboration with interior designers.
Carrying out a space design project, like buying a house or starting a business, is an execution plan with a high level of commitment. From the beginning to the end of such a project, every detail needs to be prepared and planned carefully in advance.
First of all, where should the project start? How long is the overall project time? Who is the team for project execution and how to divide the work? What is the budget of the project? How to communicate and solve the actual construction? And how is the material expected to be handled correctly?
When you deal with a host of problems every day, and you are thinking about how to make the most effective use of a known budget, look for a like-minded interior designer to cooperate! Find the right partner and you will find that you benefit more than expected.
Benefit 1    Solid Execution Plan
Everything starts with a methodical plan. At the beginning of the design project, S.Design Studio formulates a set of reliable action execution plans first ,so that all planned projects can maintain progress and move toward their goals.
Benefit 2    Best Benefits
S.Design Studio is based on the design profession, and has excellent craftsmanship and technique to ensure that no wasted expense in the entire design project. Every detail is interlocked in the planning of space design, furniture configuration, and choice of hardware materials, and each budget is easy to squeeze each other. The main task of an interior designer must not only ensure that the work is presented as it is, but also know that he is responsible for maintaining the schedule and controlling the budget.
Benefit 3    Abundant Resources Bring Key Recommendations
S.Design Studio has an abundant resources of industry informations, from furniture configuration to construction collaboration and other space issues, we have a long list of private reputations (both good and bad). Whether it is price discounts or special customized services, we all know who is the most trustworthy team and who is the leader in this specialized field. These rich resources accumulated in time and experience will bring key suggestions for clients' design projects, and avoid the trouble of finding the wrong person, which can fundamentally save time and budget waste.
Benefit 4    From Limited Space To Unlimited Possibilities
In the process of design project, S.Design Studio will give priority to internalizing the lifestyle, vision and preferences of clients in creative design ideas. At the same time, we will consider the feasibility of creative design implementation to create a real space carefully. Through our past works, clients can see the degree of creativity that we may show in design projects in the future, and can trust us fully. In the future, the design projects entrusted by our clients will also be presented to the world in a stunning and unimaginable posture.
Benefit 5    Integrated Communication Platform
S.Design Studio is a front-line, real-time, efficient and flexible coordination communication platform in space shaping. Every case and every new space execute ideal scenery in communication. We do not fully understand the best price that clients should pay for each service, and we will strictly control the quality of each service. This not only avoids the delay that non-professionals may cause in the frontline communication in the face of emergencies, but also ensures the smoothness and efficiency of the design project.
Benefit 6    Value-Added Design
S.Design Studio uses different techniques to convey the aesthetic expression of life in different shapes in each space field. This kind of performance and attitude give clients a sense of natural decoration in the space, and it is easy to add value to the space. It will be a high-quality plus point for the future development of the space, whether it is sold or leased in the future. After all, investing in a good space is like investing in a good painting, which not only provides visual multi-level pleasure; in terms of market value, this good painting may be marked by high prices in the future investment market.
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Our Team
S.Design Studio
Serena Tseng
Serena has 12 years of experience in operating and marketing boutique hotels.
Because of her high sensitivity in art and space design, Serena established S.Design Studio in 2017.
The main business of S.Design Studio are space planning, residential design, commercial space design, space art and other related design services.
Serena combines the past and present years of experience in the industry, through the integration of various cultural and artistic experiences, to explore more diverse and unlimited possibilities for space design.
Director, S.Design Studio, 2017
Spatial Design - Jiao cai, Golden Pin Design Award, 2017
Dancing with the City Street Corner Installation Art - Golden Age 1930, Taiwan Design Exhibition, 2017
Kaohsiung Interior Design Excellence Award Selected - Rou Bar Yakiniku, KAID, 2018
Kaohsiung Interior Design Excellence Award Selected - Dear Moon Atelier, KAID, 2018
Project Experience
FULY Construction - WAVE
Sunyad Construction - The King's Castle
AArchi Construction - 7.0
SHOWTIME Shopping Plaza Inc.- Karen Teppanyaki
KOCHE Development - Focus Square
Happy Mama Postpartum Care Center
High-rise Residences for high-tech industries - TSMC
Tayih Landis Groups - Wu House (Self-Built)
Highwealth Construction - Hyatt Luxury Home
Sunyad Construction - MAYFAIR
Paggie Hsu Paggie Hsu
Tainan University of Technology